Off to residency number three. May the logic for these upcoming presentations be in my favor.

Having shot a couple packs of film with the LomoGraflok, it doesn't quite work to my process like pack film does given that film plane difference. Decided to pull out the Speed Graphic and set the infinity stops to the film plane of the LomoGraflok back so I can just have some runaround fun with it instead.

Cleaning up and prepping to get the darkroom up and running for printing in December.

A cat gracefully dances along a wall away from an anti-vaccine mandate sign on my ice cold walk. The sign reminds me I have a collective action research proposal to write, though on a different collective action problem (open source software).

Accidentally moved Monica's chinchilla enclosure into the wrong position and was rewarded with a tripped circuit and a very destroyed cable. The cheeky little fur balls did a number on it, but nothing a 9pm solder patch up can't fix.

My talk on using Scribble, Racket, and Git/Git Annex to write and program my dissertation starts in less than a half hour!

Random things you find in the art studio: Alf stickers from the late 1980's. No idea why or how.

The fog feels metaphorical at the moment; I know the general path but details are cloudy.

<lite-youtube>—the 2.4KB tiny web component w/+75M loads a month including use on
Google's Chrome Dev
sites like—goes 1.0, adds playlist loading support, better JS API support, loading=lazy for img placeholder, and moreeeee.

It amuses me for personal reasons.

Google Scholar has turned into one of those necessary evils for me as I start to collect research; it's a pain to use, let alone integrate citation counts into Zotero. So, I fell back on old software engineering habits and did a little rewriting.

A couple packs of expired Polaroid film make for a fun Sunday.

Found on one of my cards from May, a pinky nail sized preying mantis along a sunflower stalk. The garden was full of them at the time and I quick snapped with a Fuji 60mm 1:2 macro. It's one of those lens I picked up used for mostly bench work and while the autofocus is damn near unusable most of the time, it makes lovely photographs if you put in the patience.

Odd year curiosity number 34: the apple tree in the backyard decided to actually grow apples for the first time... ever. They are quite delicious which must mean they are cursed.

Sitting on a paper revision to complete, shop is a tiny disaster, but we're going to roll with it.

My Lomography 4x5 instant back—which I ordered nearly two years ago and I thought would maybe not show up—arrived unexpectedly today. Yet in a cruel twist of all the random film I have in the refrigerator, I have no Instax Wide to test it with. I guess it'll have to wait until I pick up some at Freestyle.

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