Badge unlocked, new house edition: caught tiny frog, kids overjoyed.

Doctorate Year 1 complete, my study started, I sit basking in the vast 4am emptiness of a terminal waiting to awaken as I head home.

Mad dash moving film and paper to new house, big paper is going to be a tight fit. But we're keeping it cold. ❄️

After a canceled start due to Omicron at beginning of year, back at Case Western Reserve for Doctoral residency, watching the moon set behind the cathedral to start the day.

Humbled to be selected for the Doctor of Management Fellowship in Management Design and Innovation at @caseweatherhead. Look forward to expanding my research activities and engagement with practitioners and scholars alike.

Super excited to have my new flash sync board design back from the fab. A quick solder-up confirms all working on the Polaroid SX-70. Time to get ready to open source it and package some kits.

Just confirmed my subject advisor and principal investigator for my IRB protocol. Excited and relieved all at once.

Sometimes you make your own camera repair tools, in this case points for a spanner for the Canon QL17 GIII lens group.

Another doctoral residency in the books. Exhausted but uplifting.

There is something lovely about a 4x5 negative in an enlarger. Time to mix some Dektol.

My revised SX-70 flash sync prototypes are off at the PCB fab and making steady progress.

Things you find—again—while cleaning darkroom: 60-ish year old exposed film. In this case, Ilford Selochrome on a 620 spool. I suppose I can dev it today...

When the FCC repealed net neutrality, Californians took steps to safeguard their internet access themselves and passed a gold standard for state net neutrality, S.B. 822. The major ISPs challenged the law and lost today in court.

Prototype boards arrived my newly designed Polaroid SX-70 flash adapter. Few changes to make before I make a production run and drop the open source files, but overall I'm digging it.

Picking up darkroom stuff, I always look for a story. In the bottom of one box, faded notebook paper with settings for a color print of Dad.

I didn't need another enlarger, but free? I'll chalk it up to a landfill save.

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