Barely made it to airport, but on plane. Let another day of travel begin.

Sticking to my cafe as home base on the road mantra. That, and my body has zero idea what timezone I'm in, so this is the only thing keeping me alive at this point.

Deep sorrow to hear of an old friend passing away today.

Night time laser tag with the kids. Shhhhhhh, I'm going stealth.

Inheriting film loaders with mystery film always sounds like fun until you expose a couple test rolls to find it's all been exposed to light. Time to load up some fresh rolls.

Watching the twins discover and enjoy Victorious and iCarly is priceless. Enjoyed them the first time around when Alli was their age, just as funny now.

Instant film is my stand-by for silly around the house photographs and just general fun. With the holidays in full swing, I've been running through packs like crazy.

Still have an unopened box of PX 100 Silver Shade. Amazing how far Impossible film has come. I still dig (and buy a lot) of their black and white.

Split print my said 160 4x5 Tri-X negative from previous update; sits in post-fix-wash before transfer to washer.

Poor snap, but the depth in this Tri-X negatives rated @ 160 just pleases me so.

Not my best desoldering work, but sufficient for the next step once this new EEPROM shows up.

4 year in, a power outage that took out my UPS also apparently took out the EEPROM on my LG 31MU97-B this morning. Part at least a week out. Ahhhhhhh.

Cleaning off an parts shelf and low and behold old stacks of spinning metal. One of them is a gigantic 435MB. I'd show the old 10MB, but it won't fit in the photo.

Am I contributing to your open source happiness? Do you find my tools and contributions useful? You can now sponsor me on Github Sponsors and let me know via coffee and or lunch related funding.

Tuned up my late grandfather's SX-70 Model 2 and away we go loaded with fresh film and my Mint 2 flashbar.

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