5th grade birthday parties are off the chain. That's a phrase kids still use right?

Great day at EMS Doctoral Consortium at Universidad Panamericana. Beautiful grounds, amazing students and staff, great sessions (and I survived my reviewers).

Off to do some academic speaking on my research at EMS Doctoral Consortium at Universidad

Checking bee hive health, searching for the queen on a brood frame. Yeah, we're doing bees now too. 🐝

Another doctoral residency in the books, more writing and open coding to do.

With Flow Hive setup and our new bees taking residence, the bee's are taking advantage of the late summer lavendar.

Spotted four wood duck chicks, three seen here with their mother. 40D racked to 400mm.

Female wood duck makes an appearance in our tiny riparian habitat. 40D racked to 400mm.

Camera film loading and warming up various instant film for the weekend. My little yellow boxes are filled with 4x5 holders for the Chamonix out of frame.

Received acceptance for my participation in 2022 Engaged Management Scholarship (EMS) Doctoral Consortium at Universidad Panamericana in September. Excited to report a few initial findings and engage in discussion.

Two day doctoral workshop complete, caffeine and sunshine before back to the constant comparative analysis.

With wind at 15 MPH and the light fading, a monarch caught in a sunbeam against a shadowed buddleja davidii, caught with an old 40D and 100-400L.

Monarch butterflies have been flying around this week and I've been snapping with various cameras, including the challenge of a rangefinder with a lens I quite like, the Canon Serenar 135mm LTM. Now if they'd float on the wind just a little slower...

The time to put in the native plants is always. Well, technically November most of the time in our part of California, but close enough.

Things you find while moving: my original Palm V, complete in box, with the TapPad mod. I bought it after peeking one in a Seattle coffee shop in late 1999. An all-time favorite of mine.

Badge unlocked, new house edition: caught tiny frog, kids overjoyed.

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