At dusk last night I had the garage door open and while gluing up a piece found two hummingbirds buzzing me. I snapped this with my phone from the hip. Eventually got them to head back outside.

It was a beast to get stood up, but new band saw is ready for tuning and spin up.

Picking up a Seal 500-T press is not an easy task, but I wasn't going to let this **free** beauty go by.

Breaking in the new Bosch building the bog box for the pond from reclaimed lumber.

Floating lid tanks and HC-110 work great when you're doing lots of development. That said past a month combined with the extreme heat wave of California summer in a non-AC darkroom and you end with this disaster. Given my H should be faint yellow at best.

I was not aware this was a thing on Github, but it's kinda nifty (apparently most of my more popular open source repos made the cut).

Social distancing update: Google Maps tells me I didn't leave the house in April, and I realized that we're actually now in May. Time, such a silly concept.

On of my last 4x5 sheets of Polacolor, which sadly failed to process (chemical pack wasn't exactly flowing). Not exactly unexpected given that box is 16 years expired.

Quarantine, Day 28. Easter celebrations. SX-70 with Polaroid 600 film.

Quarantine, Day 16. School show and tell, baby chick edition.

Quarantine, Day 15. My 40th birthday, pickle Rick edition. SX-70 film.

Quarantine, Day 11. Public art installation. Polaroid 600 and Fujifilm FP-100c.

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