Poor snap, but the depth in this Tri-X negatives rated @ 160 just pleases me so.

Not my best desoldering work, but sufficient for the next step once this new EEPROM shows up.

4 year in, a power outage that took out my UPS also apparently took out the EEPROM on my LG 31MU97-B this morning. Part at least a week out. Ahhhhhhh.

Cleaning off an parts shelf and low and behold old stacks of spinning metal. One of them is a gigantic 435MB. I'd show the old 10MB, but it won't fit in the photo.

Tuned up my late grandfather's SX-70 Model 2 and away we go loaded with fresh film and my Mint 2 flashbar.

Ah, Friday. When you get a stack of emails from a company who refuses to hire or pay you, asking you for free consulting to fix their poor idea of a product. I should feel "honored" I'm told. Funny, not feeling it.

Updated and realigned the slides hardware on lens stage on my 45MX, now parallel edge to edge and no wiggle.

Always fine gloves when handling the cleaning of a 45MX condenser lens.

Fresh batches of dev, stop, and fixer ready to roll for the next month.

Dodged fires to the north, but coming down from the Altamont into the Central Valley was rough, with flying debris and a dust storm.

Rusted 35mm bulk can of Kodak Tri-X pan film. Still black bagged, about half full. Discovered at yard sale. $3.00 USD. Time to spool a test roll.

Four 35mm films reels coming out of the development tank. Always high risk, but careful controls help.

Still life #7.

Polaroid SX-70 on fresh PO black and white film.

Repairing an old Kmart flash unit for a Polaroid Presto. Never be fooled; old flash units can be dangerous if not discharged properly.

Wandering through big trees.

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16, Kodak Tmax 100.

One of those random things you find in our workshop library: Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" books.

Twins rockin' some Canonet rangefinders with some Kodak Tmax 100. Fun fact: shoes not required to shoot film.

Developing film has become one of the more meditative and peaceful places in my otherwise hectic schedule. Here, a random assortment of 4x5 and 120 hanging to dry in our laundry room.

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