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From one of our random book shelves: an untitled printing plate with unknown people. Believe we picked this up from a local artist about 10 years back and still haven't printed it.

The joys of a fresh Starrett handsaw blade ready to finish out a couple projects.

The ol' heart has been racing of late (stress, anxiety, who knows), so I'm now spot checking with a monitor to see the state of, well, me. Not a great way to start my week.

Stacking rocks with Monica and kids on a crisp winter day, I give you my finest dinosaur attempt.

The endangered riparian brush rabbit, which Monica helped protect as a field biologist at ESRP, made it on a stamp!

Storm 1, Justin's UPS 0.

Last few years, seems I lose a UPS at least once a year to a storm.

Stripping a Microtek scanner (which I think my folks bought in 1995) and the repairable nature of the components in this is quite the throwback. Going to get yet more mileage out this hardware because of it.

Making custom ends for squishy circuit kits for drop and dash teaching packs for Monica's class.

A lot of original block prints to start cutting matte for. Not a single one of those pieces cost more than $50 USD, yet they're exquisite and best of all, direct interaction with the artist.

If you can, support an artist locally, at a fair, Etsy, wherever.

Not my Leica, but rather the gift I gave my wife for the holidays. Truly a lovely useful tool for a biologist of great skill.

After a bit of bumpy road and much digging I've got Mastodon 3.3.0 running. Time to update that old blog post! πŸ˜‚

A fire glows in the shop with isolated glee. Happy Holidays wonderful people, stay safe!

Artifact from the liquidation: random machete, better known as "David's Murder Machete". Soon to be expertly mounted in a fine Victorian frame.

At dusk last night I had the garage door open and while gluing up a piece found two hummingbirds buzzing me. I snapped this with my phone from the hip. Eventually got them to head back outside.

It was a beast to get stood up, but new band saw is ready for tuning and spin up.

Picking up a Seal 500-T press is not an easy task, but I wasn't going to let this **free** beauty go by.

Breaking in the new Bosch building the bog box for the pond from reclaimed lumber.

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