Picking up a Seal 500-T press is not an easy task, but I wasn't going to let this **free** beauty go by.

Three kids and two adults on remote video calls as the new remote reality really sets in. Will the internet connection hold? Time will tell.

Breaking in the new Bosch building the bog box for the pond from reclaimed lumber.

The box contained no warnings, no outward appearance of evil. The bad card games never do they just leave you in ruin. So hey, let's play Uno Flip kids! justinribeiro.com/chronicle/20

Floating lid tanks and HC-110 work great when you're doing lots of development. That said past a month combined with the extreme heat wave of California summer in a non-AC darkroom and you end with this disaster. Given my H dilution...it should be faint yellow at best.

Need parts from hardware store for this build, COVID cases spiking in county and surrounding town....maybe I don't need said parts quite so badly. To McMaster-Carr we go.

My initial attempt at making sharing to @Mastodon instances easier from a website (when not on mobile at least) with <share-to-mastodon>, a LitElement-based web component. justinribeiro.com/chronicle/20

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night.

I was not aware this was a thing on Github, but it's kinda nifty (apparently most of my more popular open source repos made the cut). archiveprogram.github.com/

Dawn still an hour away, I sit on a call saddened by the lack of knowledge and perspective I hear in regards to the web. Hampers effective delivery of features to end users who desperately need it right now.

First the pandemic, now drunk zombies trying to get in my house. Never a dull moment. video.nest.com/clip/4058c1a17d

It is a curse to be able to dive into a million lines of code you've never seen and come up with a patch in a hour that no one could sort in a month. You will be despised, you will be taken for granted, and ultimately you will find your soul hollow.

Having read the school districts' recent letter to reopen in August despite COVID cases rising in this county and a plan that makes masks optional and has a clarity that could be mistaken for the dank water of runoff pond at dairy, I'm left reminded of Twain's assessment regarding idiots and school boards.

The folks openly carrying weapons that would best be described as an overcompensation for personal problems and at worst a deep seeded hatred bound in racist ideology, flaunted the law in front of police who by the own inaction dutifully acknowledge their own leaning in a most shameful way. Such is small town California, a bastion of the antithetic: folks that scream life matters...just not black lives.

And even now, to crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done.

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