Sickening what players have been forced to endure at the hands of systemically broken and cowardly coaching system that protects abusers at every level. Angering to see US Soccer only now take action after Yates' report.

After a few "wait, where's the publish button again?" hiccups, the web platform podcast returns with meditations on microfrontends.

5th grade birthday parties are off the chain. That's a phrase kids still use right?

Having not finished the CAT6 wiring or the point to point, sometimes you just gotta grab some gear and bounce that wifi all the way to that back acre.

Great day at EMS Doctoral Consortium at Universidad Panamericana. Beautiful grounds, amazing students and staff, great sessions (and I survived my reviewers).

Off to do some academic speaking on my research at EMS Doctoral Consortium at Universidad

Checking bee hive health, searching for the queen on a brood frame. Yeah, we're doing bees now too. 🐝

Hummingbirds were more concerned with the water than me standing nearby. Rightfully so: temperatures to hit 110 today.

I've been preoccupied with my qual research, but I did release v3.2.0 of Google Scholar Citation Count for Zotero with support for Zotero 6+ Grab it if you need it!

My team at @telecomparis is hiring a tenured associate professor of #SoftwareEngineering for Safe and Secure Systems.

Keywords: #cybersecurity, #opensource, mining sw. repositories, empirical sw.eng., #supplychain.

Details: institutminestelecom.recruitee

Deadline: 25 September 2022.

Another doctoral residency in the books, more writing and open coding to do.

With Flow Hive setup and our new bees taking residence, the bee's are taking advantage of the late summer lavendar.

Happy ducks, bad situation: neighbor felled tree, which landed and broke one of our water pipes, and the pump ran until kids discovered the issue.

Spotted four wood duck chicks, three seen here with their mother. 40D racked to 400mm.

Female wood duck makes an appearance in our tiny riparian habitat. 40D racked to 400mm.

30 interviews and 25 hours of transcripts into my qualitative study, grateful that so many amazing practitioners have shared their lived experience and provided such a rich tapestry of data.

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