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Nothing worse when you're in the dark and you have fungus in your enlarger lens. Had to do a quick tear down of my 105mm El Nikkor to clean it up.

That one—when she looks at you, you can see she's working things out.

Listening to Marcy Harriell's outtake track "More" from the Moana soundtrack. Such a lovely performance.

An odd event to find on my paint shelf: a fairly new can of Rustoleum clear seems to have formed a leak, which formed a semi-solid Romancing the Stone sort of gem.

Max Richter and co new track "Follower" is haunting my soul on a loop. I adore his work.

The chicken's apparently are digging that early spring sunshine.

Storm on the horizon, hot tea in hand, reading drafts of my doctoral application essays.

Random art in the house: My Favorite Things, S. Feves, 1988. Print on hardboard with music box.

From one of our random book shelves: an untitled printing plate with unknown people. Believe we picked this up from a local artist about 10 years back and still haven't printed it.

My love of the Polaroid SX-70 apparently extended to building a custom plate and interface for a shooting rig of larger proportion and much faster shooting.

The joys of a fresh Starrett handsaw blade ready to finish out a couple projects.

The ol' heart has been racing of late (stress, anxiety, who knows), so I'm now spot checking with a monitor to see the state of, well, me. Not a great way to start my week.

You don't need to speed $50 USD on Ebay for a vintage external shutter release for the SX-70 when all you need is some wire and a button.

Stacking rocks with Monica and kids on a crisp winter day, I give you my finest dinosaur attempt.

The endangered riparian brush rabbit, which Monica helped protect as a field biologist at ESRP, made it on a stamp!

Storm 1, Justin's UPS 0.

Last few years, seems I lose a UPS at least once a year to a storm.

The pandemic has somehow made my kids long for McDonald's Chicken McNuggets. I did the only reasonable thing: I used epoxy resin to preserve a set just for them.

Stripping a Microtek scanner (which I think my folks bought in 1995) and the repairable nature of the components in this is quite the throwback. Going to get yet more mileage out this hardware because of it.

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