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Kodachrome slides on a lightbox are endlessly interesting. Evelyn commented "They're so real, it's like 3D!"

Being on the road means that sometimes your office changes. Technology sometimes does not understand this. At least it knowns to offer coffee stops.

Testing some revisions to blog-pwa. That sweet web components speed on MotoG4@3G.

When I'm traveling, a home base is always one of those things I look for. Some place I can just relax and have a decent cup of coffee. For me, that's the local cafe in all shapes and sizes.

Tall trees, small cameras. Twins hanging out in Calaveras Big Trees state park in California.

I don't always shoot 35mm film, but when I do, I bulk load. In this case Ilford HP5+ and Kodak TMAX 100, 15 rolls each.

With the sun setting on python 2.7, I thought I'd do a quick convert to GAE's python 3.7 runtime and fix a few blog-pwa issues while I was at it.

A cappuccino, my Leica, and a quiet place to write. Makes for an enjoyable afternoon.

Because setting up your own instance of Mastodon just feels right.


Private invite only instance, living the dream of sustainable social networking with a 1990's webring mentality.