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I've never attempted wet plate, but Shane Balkowitsch's work is an inspiration. Capturing Greta Thunberg at Standing Rock on that medium is just amazing.

Still life #7.

Polaroid SX-70 on fresh PO black and white film.

The Four Cases of Progressive Rendering Fallbacks for Progressive Web Apps. Because sometimes you don't have JavaScript, and sometimes you want your site to run nice in lynx (just because).

Finally got around to adding webmention support to blog-pwa. That static render layer I put in to make the blog truly progressive many years ago just continues to pay off.

Repairing an old Kmart flash unit for a Polaroid Presto. Never be fooled; old flash units can be dangerous if not discharged properly.

Wandering through big trees.

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 532/16, Kodak Tmax 100.

You may think I’m bucking the trend. I’m just self-hosting content; this isn’t a radical idea or concept. I’m not breaking new ground, just seeding my existing 40 acres. Let’s see what I grow.

Lazonick's "Profits Without Prosperity" ( seems to be making the rounds today (he has a new book with economist Jang-Sup Shin out in November) . Still vastly relevant 5 years on; the reform on open-market buybacks needs to happen, though I'd be hard pressed to say that significant damage hasn't already been done.

I've been enthralled and inspired by Brendan Barry's work and his builds. His latest, the Skyscraper Project, is no less impressive.

One of those random things you find in our workshop library: Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" books.

Twins rockin' some Canonet rangefinders with some Kodak Tmax 100. Fun fact: shoes not required to shoot film.

Developing film has become one of the more meditative and peaceful places in my otherwise hectic schedule. Here, a random assortment of 4x5 and 120 hanging to dry in our laundry room.

Kodachrome slides on a lightbox are endlessly interesting. Evelyn commented "They're so real, it's like 3D!"

Being on the road means that sometimes your office changes. Technology sometimes does not understand this. At least it knowns to offer coffee stops.

Testing some revisions to blog-pwa. That sweet web components speed on MotoG4@3G.

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