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Split print my said 160 4x5 Tri-X negative from previous update; sits in post-fix-wash before transfer to washer.

Poor snap, but the depth in this Tri-X negatives rated @ 160 just pleases me so.

Not my best desoldering work, but sufficient for the next step once this new EEPROM shows up.

4 year in, a power outage that took out my UPS also apparently took out the EEPROM on my LG 31MU97-B this morning. Part at least a week out. Ahhhhhhh.

Cleaning off an parts shelf and low and behold old stacks of spinning metal. One of them is a gigantic 435MB. I'd show the old 10MB, but it won't fit in the photo.

Am I contributing to your open source happiness? Do you find my tools and contributions useful? You can now sponsor me on Github Sponsors and let me know via coffee and or lunch related funding.

Tuned up my late grandfather's SX-70 Model 2 and away we go loaded with fresh film and my Mint 2 flashbar.

Rehashed Paul Irish's lite-youtube-embed into a Shadow Dom version, mostly so I could drop it into my blog-pwa project (which lazy loads the daylights out of it based on usage).

Ah, Friday. When you get a stack of emails from a company who refuses to hire or pay you, asking you for free consulting to fix their poor idea of a product. I should feel "honored" I'm told. Funny, not feeling it.

Updated and realigned the slides hardware on lens stage on my 45MX, now parallel edge to edge and no wiggle.

Always fine gloves when handling the cleaning of a 45MX condenser lens.

Fresh batches of dev, stop, and fixer ready to roll for the next month.

Submitted a couple talk proposals to @perfmattersconf. The CFP is now open; have a web performance talk you think the world should know about? Submit now!

"Justin how do I fail a PR based on any lighthouse audit score?" With v1.1.0 of my Web Performance Audits with Lighthouse Github Action, you can now define a scores.js file based on the Lighthouse data model to fail a PR based on any audit score.

Released v1 of my new Lighthouse Github Action, complete with PR commenting, custom lighthouse config and budget.json support, and my WPT network profile injector via Puppeteer.

At this point I'm six months in using the Firebase Web Performance Monitoring beta. Let's take a look at the good, the bad, and the confusing.

Work travel has become way too interesting that last couple of months. I've dodged two tornados, a hurricane, and now wildfires. Harrowingly close.

Dodged fires to the north, but coming down from the Altamont into the Central Valley was rough, with flying debris and a dust storm.

The emptiness of a large airport terminal at 3am is quite the horror movie atheistic.

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