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Quarantine, Day 7. Found old N95's in the shop. SX-70 film.

Quarantine, Day 6. Saturday matinee. SX-70 film, ink on canvas from Bell.

Quarantine, Day 4. Baking and Spanish class. SX-70 film, acrylic on canvas from Eve.

I've still not gotten used to the newish formula for Kodak's HC-110. The fact that it lacks the syrup consistency and the classic yellow gold color throws me every time I mix a fresh batch.

Picked up off the classifieds and a little rewiring later, a RHDesigns StopClock Pro timer hooked up to my 45MX. Been on my to-buy list for a very long time, cheers to Tim out in Canada for selling it to me.

Having returned to California, the scene through three domestic airport terminals was a hushed calm; people keeping their distance, masks and gloves used by staff and passengers alike, few people but dozens flying on standby trying to get home. The quiet was unnerving.

Have tried to change my travel plans the last two days as things start unravel. Just hoping existing booking sticks at this point, plane takes off, and I can get back to the west coast.

Cordeiro resigning is little consolation as far as I am concerned for the injustice that the US Women's team and program has suffered over the years and the absolutely ridiculous filing in the ongoing lawsuit. My hope is that justice is served in the ongoing case against USSF.

The sheer amount of wildly inaccurate and pure disinformation I've heard from people regarding COVID-19 as I've been on the road the last couple of weeks as the pandemic has grown is terrifying.

MDN Product Advisory Board meeting notes for February are now available:

Let's keep it rolling for cross organization web platform documentation!

Growing up, we repaired our tractors all the time. To this day, my folks still do, because those tractors were built 40+ years ago.

A new right to repair ag equipment story from a VICE landed this week.

The very idea that you can't repair a piece of ag equipment (or otherwise) is ridiculous. Support .

As someone who had a viseral level of disdain for Welch as an undergraduate and took the berating from my Microsoft mentors at the time for not idolizing him, this opinion piece is a great list of some of my similar reasoning.

Sad to hear that Jim Tyre has passed away. Didn't know him personally, only through his amazing work fighting for our civil liberties.

Cutting film leaders for my LTM Leica's with my 3D printed ABLON.

Nearly four years of pocket lint had stopped my Pixel from charging. A little TLC with the slim hook tweezers and some compressed air, and we're back to normal charging.

Little behind on those found color film rolls. Not a lot of photos on them, but a few good ones to do some research on.

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