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Alli being silly while I setup lighting, snapped with my favorite 35mm portrait lens for film and digital, a late 1970's Pentax-M 100mm f/2.8 wide open. She just passed her driver's exam! 🎉

Literally the last sheet of my 4x5 Polaroid Type 79 Polacolor Pro 100 and lost to a bad dev pod. The joys and risks of 15 year old expired Polaroid even when cold stored.

Apparently a few folks got Uno Flip as a gift because Google Search alerted me like "yo, your crazy uno flip post is up 648%". Might has well been the tape from the Ring, get out while you can.

My fingers are freezing and the focus is stiff on the 50mm but snapping shots of the kids from the edge of an outdoor ice rink.

Some folks have noticed I started syndicating Mastodon to Twitter with permalinks injected. It's a specific choice to meet old friends where they are. ❤️

Fresh chemistry and a couple clip tests and it's time to make a dent in my film dev backlog this week.

Not Christmas Eve until the classic Christmas episode of the X-Files—season 6 "how the ghosts stole Christmas"—is playing and we put out the presents for the kids.

Yeah, that's a Canon 814 Super 8 in some of photos and videos. And no it did not run, but I felt inspired to try to patch it up today because why not.

No, you have a film loader problem. Alright alright, you're right it's really me. Let's load some film spools.

The house was vaccinated with glee but nothing says Christmas like a stack of COVID rapid tests under the tree. Creepy elves not included.

A couple prints hanging to dry, that little exposure setup hack does alright!

Found a half-used pack of cyanotype paper in some art supplies and decided "I can make a print with this". A random UV grow light, a clamp, the filter holder on my 45MX enlarger and a random glass negative I picked up last week. Exposure time? Psssft, let's roll the dice.😃

Holding to tradition, I find myself mounting and framing art for the holidays.

Many thanks to Randy Fay for contributing to my docker chrome-headless container by coming up with a chromium variant that now has arm/64 support for all that M1 silicon you fancy kids are using. Give it a spin:

Picked up a box of four negatives labeled 1921 from the Seattle area for a few bucks last weekend. Sadly eight negatives missing from the box, but looking forward to a peek at at what history holds in the four.

Sitting on a call with banana man hanging on the mic boom—a gift the kids gave me in an attempt to scare me.

The burning embers reflect off my watch, metaphorically burning time.

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