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With the unconscionable SCOTUS decision soon to trigger a domino effect making abortion access illegal in 18 states, keep fighting. Vote in the mid-terms and support orgs like Planned Parenthood.

6 years, 200 episodes, millions of downloads, and after a two year hiatus we are indeed bringing the @TheWebPlatform back. No holds barred, no punches pulled.

The fragrance turned my head, the impressionist color held my gauze, my view camera and expired Fujifilm FP-100c instant film caught the feeling.

Two day doctoral workshop complete, caffeine and sunshine before back to the constant comparative analysis.

After many electrical and concrete repairs, the pond and fountain have come together nicely. Happy fish, happy plants.

With wind at 15 MPH and the light fading, a monarch caught in a sunbeam against a shadowed buddleja davidii, caught with an old 40D and 100-400L.

Monarch butterflies have been flying around this week and I've been snapping with various cameras, including the challenge of a rangefinder with a lens I quite like, the Canon Serenar 135mm LTM. Now if they'd float on the wind just a little slower...

The time to put in the native plants is always. Well, technically November most of the time in our part of California, but close enough.

Things you find while moving: my original Palm V, complete in box, with the TapPad mod. I bought it after peeking one in a Seattle coffee shop in late 1999. An all-time favorite of mine.

Badge unlocked, new house edition: caught tiny frog, kids overjoyed.

Doctorate Year 1 complete, my study started, I sit basking in the vast 4am emptiness of a terminal waiting to awaken as I head home.

Mad dash moving film and paper to new house, big paper is going to be a tight fit. But we're keeping it cold. ❄️

After a canceled start due to Omicron at beginning of year, back at Case Western Reserve for Doctoral residency, watching the moon set behind the cathedral to start the day.

Humbled to be selected for the Doctor of Management Fellowship in Management Design and Innovation at @caseweatherhead. Look forward to expanding my research activities and engagement with practitioners and scholars alike.

Super excited to have my new flash sync board design back from the fab. A quick solder-up confirms all working on the Polaroid SX-70. Time to get ready to open source it and package some kits.

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