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New friends visiting while working on new ramp and roosts for the chicken coop.

What do I know about bees? We're about to find out with this new Flow Hive that's for sure.

"Where Browsers Come From" by @bkardell

It's interesting to think about alternative funding models for browsers. With all sorts of downstream spinoffs making a lot of money but not necessarily contributing upstream (e.g. server environments running V8/JavaScriptCore), and with Firefox faltering, it seems like a good time to discuss this.

I don't always hack on terrible hardware and software but when I do it generally solves annoying problems. Huzzah for the power of the web.

Camera film loading and warming up various instant film for the weekend. My little yellow boxes are filled with 4x5 holders for the Chamonix out of frame.

Received acceptance for my participation in 2022 Engaged Management Scholarship (EMS) Doctoral Consortium at Universidad Panamericana in September. Excited to report a few initial findings and engage in discussion.

With the unconscionable SCOTUS decision soon to trigger a domino effect making abortion access illegal in 18 states, keep fighting. Vote in the mid-terms and support orgs like Planned Parenthood.

6 years, 200 episodes, millions of downloads, and after a two year hiatus we are indeed bringing the @TheWebPlatform back. No holds barred, no punches pulled.

The fragrance turned my head, the impressionist color held my gauze, my view camera and expired Fujifilm FP-100c instant film caught the feeling.

Two day doctoral workshop complete, caffeine and sunshine before back to the constant comparative analysis.

After many electrical and concrete repairs, the pond and fountain have come together nicely. Happy fish, happy plants.

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