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My Lomography 4x5 instant back—which I ordered nearly two years ago and I thought would maybe not show up—arrived unexpectedly today. Yet in a cruel twist of all the random film I have in the refrigerator, I have no Instax Wide to test it with. I guess it'll have to wait until I pick up some at Freestyle.

I get asked a lot about the pond bog box build, and I can attest it works without issue; crystal clear water and the plants have reached new heights.

Having been using Zotero for my doctoral research, I decided why not fork and bring up-to-date an old Google Scholar citation count updater. Old school Firefox Add-On code, it's been a long time since we've danced my friend.

“Damned be the killing of my darlings” was bold-face written above the Values lists, joined by an array of pen strokes of varying lengths and thickness, the line-outs and oval swirls obfuscating the crisp page type. Page 91 will never recover from this tragedy of war, the hard fought battles of choice forever scarring the page’s landscape.

"let me share my screennnnn", the phase's long drag filling that void to prevent callers from saying "are you frozen" and the stumbling to find the share button, inevitably leads to the wrong window choice, which causes "let me try that againnnnn", repeating the lap around this level of zoom meeting purgatory.

I do like the ballot notification system in California, even if I'm not pleased with the fact we're having a recall vote.

When you're on a call and have to say "one sec, I have to catch the escaped tortoise" and then sprint down stairs before she finds a sneaky hiding spot.

Terrified and exhilarated as I start to land the first few warm-ups before heading to Case next week.

The sun peaks above the pines, the hazy smoke coming to roost from the Dixie Fire.

When you're in a pinch for head and shoulders headshot on white and you just don't feel like really getting setting up for it.

40° C is not a great time to shoot expired Fujifilm pack film, but couldn't resist the light and blooms.

A toasty 33° C in the darkroom as another heat advisory takes hold in California.

Caught Monica a mother's day gift while repairing pipes in garden.

Nothing worse when you're in the dark and you have fungus in your enlarger lens. Had to do a quick tear down of my 105mm El Nikkor to clean it up.

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